Washington Interactive Learning Technologies Conference
Hyatt Regency Reston Hotel
Reston, Virginia 
August 13-15, 2014


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In government, industry, and educational institutions the need to reduce costs, improve personnel performance, increase organizational efficiency, and enhance product or service quality is a critical management responsibility in an era of organizational downsizing and heightened competitive pressures. A way to address these issues is through the application of the latest technologies for education and training systems, job performance improvement systems, and knowledge management systems. These technologies offer great potential with the prospect of early implementation and organization-wide utilization. The Interactive Technologies Conference will be a premier venue for the presentation of the cutting edge of the state-of-the-art in these areas. The conference objective is to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest in research, design, and development in order to furnish attendees information on systems that are applicable to their organizations.

SALT is pleased to announce that The Division of Learning Technologies in the College of Education and Human Development at George Mason University is an official sponsor of this year's Interactive Learning Technologies Conference.