Saturday, April 30, 2016
About SALT®

The SALT® web site is developed and maintained by the Learning Technology Institute (WWW.LTI.ORG)
Founded in 1972, membership in the Society for Applied Learning Technology® is oriented to professionals whose work requires knowledge and communication in the field of instructional technology. It is a professional society, designed for individual membership participation with classes of membership keyed to the interest and experience of the individual. The Society provides a means to enhance the knowledge and job performance of an individual by participating in Society sponsored meetings, and through receiving Society sponsored publications. It enables one to achieve knowledge for work in the field of applied learning technology by association with other professionals in conferences sponsored by the Society.


For over 40 years the Society sponsored conferences which were educational in nature and covered a wide range of application areas such as elearning, web-based training, mobile learning, interactive multimedia in education and training, learning management systems (LMS), instructional systems design (ISD), and performance support systems. These conferences provided attendees with an opportunity to become familiar with the latest technical information on application possibilities, on technologies, and on methodologies for implementation. ...More

Membership Information

The SALT Conferences are no longer being conducted and we are no longer accepting memberships to the Society for Applied Learning Technology (SALT). All current members will continue to receive the quarterly online Journal of Applied Learning Technology (JALT), be able to access the archives in the SALT Publications Database, and will continue to have the option of posting a resume on the SALT website until their membership expires.