AI Capital

AI Capital is a Colorado-based venture capital firm making late seed and growth stage venture and private equity investments in companies spanning the artificial intelligence (AI) landscape.  Investment opportunities include business applications utilizing AI tools as well as select AI core technologies.

Growth Stage: AI Capital generally invests in Series A with follow on to Series B and will consider compelling initial late seed stage investments. The portfolio companies must offer solid products and revenue beyond proof-of-concept and pilot implementations.

Enterprise: AI Capital’s bias is to invest in software companies that have the promise of long-term recurring revenue from midsize to large enterprises.

Applied: Software companies in which AI Capital invests must be solving real business challenges. Their products provide demonstrable metrics on their impact to their customer’s business which are repeatable at subsequent customers. AI Capital will opportunistically invest in core technology.

Artificial Intelligence: AI Capital team's depth and breadth of experience is able to critically evaluate underlying AI technologies and business models. This competitive advantage affords the ability to assess scalability of the business model and the resulting impact on margins and growth.