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Andy Ball

Portfolio Manager, Agency MBS and STudent Loans, West Side Advisors

Mr. Ball joined West Side in July 2009 as a Portfolio Manager for the Agency MBS portfolios. In addition, he currently co-manages West Side’s student loan investments and serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Alcar LLC.  Prior to joining West Side he was a mortgage derivative trader for the UBS CMO desk. Mr. Ball traded Trust and Structured IO/PO as well as Agency and Non-Agency mortgage derivative products. In 2009, he co-ran the mortgage derivative portfolio and oversaw the exit/liquidation of UBS’s mortgage derivative business. Mr. Ball was responsible for co-managing over $1 billion of Agency mortgage derivatives during this period. He built his career with a strong foundation in quantitative analysis first as a financial engineer for the mortgage portfolio at Freddie Mac and later building and implementing prepayment models at Wells Fargo Mortgage. He moved to UBS as the head prepayment strategist, writing prepayment commentary for the Mortgage Strategist and overseeing UBS’s prepayment modeling operations. Mr. Ball was twice ranked the #2 prepayment strategist by Institutional Investor magazine based on a peer-to-peer survey among buy-side analysts.

Mr. Ball received a B.A. in Economics from The College of William and Mary.