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Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Caliber - The Wealth Development Company is a full-service real estate investment company specializing in commercial, residential, multi-family, self-storage and hospitality properties. Over its 10-year operating history, Caliber has invested more than $225 million in equity across the Southwest Region with more than $400 million of assets under management held currently. Caliber offers a vertically integrated solution through its four business units: Investment, Construction & Development, Property Management & Brokerage, and Hospitality.  The Company provides a growing community of registered investment advisors and high net worth individuals, who currently represent investible capital in excess of $4B, access to real estate private equity funds and direct investments.  In September 2018, Caliber launched it’s 7th discretionary fund in a family of four currently active funds to take advantaged of the recently-enacted Opportunity Zone provisions of the federal tax law.  This $500m offering allows Caliber investors and their advisors to capture the tax reduction benefits of Opportunity Zones while investing with a tested operator, in attractive assets, in growing markets.