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Bo Dietl

Co-Founder, Advanced Cyber Security

Richard “Bo” Dietl is one of New York City’s most highly decorated former police detectives; he served from 1969 until his retirement in 1985 and is credited with thousands of arrests. One of NYPD’s first undercover decoy cops, he was hospitalized 30 times for injuries sustained in the line of duty.  Two notable cases highlight his career:  the 1981 brutal rape and torture of a nun in a convent, described by former Mayor Edward Koch as “the most vicious crime in New York City history” and the 1984 Palm Sunday Massacre, one of New York City’s bloodiest mass murders, involving the slaying of ten people.  Bo was instrumental in the arrest and conviction of the suspects in both cases.

In 1986, Bo was nominated for U.S. Congress by the Republican and Conservative parties of New York State for the 6th Congressional District (to fill the seat of the late Joseph Addabbo). In one of the closest races in New York history, Rev. Floyd Flake edged out Bo by a mere 2,500 votes in a 7-1 Democratic District.  In 2017, Bo ran for Mayor of New York City as an independent candidate. While Bo did not win, he raised many important issues to the forefront and advocated for the people of New York City and continues to do so as a private citizen.

In 1989 President George H.W. Bush appointed Bo as Co-Chairman of the National Crime Commission.  In 1994 Governor George Pataki appointed Bo as Chairman of the New York State Security Guard Advisory Council, where he was reappointed by Governor Elliot Spitzer.

Bo founded Beau Dietl & Associates, an investigations and security firm, in 1985. Over the past 34 years BDA has grown into a full-service organization providing a wide array of investigative, security, intelligence, and consulting services to corporations and individuals worldwide. The company has provided security at major events including the Grammys, US Open, and Republican National Convention and investigation services for thousands of high-profile (and confidential) private clients. BDA provides everything from in-depth background checks and enhanced due diligence reports to covert surveillance and global asset traces to its clients to help them navigate difficult challenges and make strategic decisions.

In 2003, Beau Dietl & Associates was hired by representatives of the pharmaceutical industry to lead a multimillion-dollar investigation into the dangers of internet sales of prescription drugs. After its investigation, BDA co-authored a white paper, parts of which informed the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003. Bo was asked to lobby over 40 United States Senators in successful efforts to pass the bill into law.

More recently, Beau Dietl & Associates has been incorporating cutting-edge technology including artificial intelligence systems, data analytics, deep-web scrubbing, and high-tech countersurveillance devices into its investigative models. Bo and his company have been at the vanguard of cyber security and technology for decades. In the 1990s, Bo developed parental monitoring software called ComputerCOP to help parents protect their children from online predators. Bo served as chairman of the board for Document Capture Technologies until the company was sold. Bo was a co- owner of Softworks and successfully negotiated the sale of the company to EMC in 1999 for $200M. Bo was also a consultant for RSA Security for eight years, prior to its acquisition by Dell.

Bo is co- founder of Advanced Cyber Security (ACS). ACS operates an enhanced cybersecurity suite developed by intelligence specialists used to guard against hacking and data breaches. Their patented keystroke encryption technology helps fill a major gap that exists in endpoint security by protecting data at the point of entry. ACS technology is currently utilized by several major corporations.

Bo is an early investor and consultant for Wrap Technologies, which pioneered the BolaWrap 100 – a revolutionary, non-lethal, hand-held remote restraint device that discharges an 8-foot bola style Kevlar® tether at 640 feet per second to entangle a subject at a range of 10-25 feet. More than 700 police departments nationwide have requested demonstrations of the BolaWrap, and more than 30 departments have already been trained and are in the process of implementing the device.

Bo is the co-author of the book One Tough Cop, about his life as a New York City police detective.  The book was adapted into a major motion picture. Bo’s second book, Business Lunchatations, which details Bo’s unique networking and business strategies was published in April 2005 and ranked #5 on Amazon’s Business Best Seller List. 

Bo has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and appeared in over 20 movies and television series. He has worked with legendary film maker Martin Scorsese on several projects, including, notably, playing Henry Hill’s arresting officer in the 1990 classic, Goodfellas, and a memorable role in the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street. Recently, Bo appeared as recurring character “Joe Corso” in the HBO Series Vinyl and will be playing “Joe Glimco” in the highly anticipated Scorsese film The Irishman in 2019.

Additionally, Bo has worked as a producer on several projects including the 1999 movie The Bone Collector and the 2000 movie Table One. Bo was executive producer of The Gray Area on CBS. 

Bo is frequently featured in broadcast and print news media as a security and investigations expert, commenting on current events nationwide. He was a Fox News and Business contributor for 11 years and appeared on other outlets, including CNN and MSNBC.  For 30 years he was a weekly guest on Imus in the Morning, and now appears regularly on Bernie and Sid in the Morning. As of 2018, Bo hosts One Tough Podcast which features in-depth interviews with business leaders, entertainment figures, and athletes.