Sasha Favelukis

Co-FOunder, CoPlace

Sasha (Alexander) Favelukis is an investor and innovator who has been disrupting the financial investments space for more than 20 years. Favelukis is currently a Co-Founder of CoPlace, an investment and advisory firm that focuses on activating distressed areas by revitalizing their local communities and business ecosystems.

CoPlace’s mission is to transform communities while generating positive ROI and propelling economic growth. Favelukis and his team have completed multiple socially and economically impactful CoPlace projects, which have received awards and garnered international attention from industry, governmental, and academic groups.

Favelukis’ work with CoPlace has allowed him to truly fulfill his lifelong mantra, “Live With Purpose,” and CoPlace’s success has motivated investment funds, developers, and municipalities to seek out Favelukis and his team members as advisors.  Since 2008, Favelukis has helped facilitate over $250 million in private real estate investment transactions.

Favelukis believes that community-driven development creates positive social impacts for residents and builds long-term ROI for investors. He is focused on creating environments in which each resident owns their responsibility to their community and tries to develop their best self.