Alexandra Krystal

Head of Origination and Distribution, Prime Services, CIBC

Alexandra Krystal joined CIBC in August of 2017 as Managing Director and Sales Head, Prime Services Group. Ms. Krystal’s responsibilities include the strategic development and implementation of CIBC’s U.S. Prime Brokerage Launch Initiative, including oversight of core activities involving product development and sales & marketing. In her current role, Ms. Krystal is also responsible for managing senior client relationships with alternative asset managers, overseeing the build-out of client-facing strategies and providing ongoing guidance with respect to structure, industry best-practices and forward looking trends in the Prime Brokerage market.

Prior to joining CIBC Capital Markets, Ms. Krystal worked in the Hedge Fund Consulting Practice at a professional services firm, where she led the Prime Brokerage Hedge Fund Strategy. Ms. Krystal developed their Prime Brokerage Advisory business, where she and her team worked along-side Prime Brokers to perform business assessments considering metrics across infrastructure, legal entity analysis, balance sheet, human capital, risk, client composition, and fixed / variable technology costs. She also developed an industry-leading Treasury Function Study to substantiate the evolution of the financing role, based on a detailed examination of collateral management processes, counterparty risk management practices, margin replication methods, Prime Brokerage relationships and funding technology solutions. Ms. Krystal chaired that same firm’s Emerging Manager Hedge Fund Strategy and was involved in emerging manager consulting, including start-up considerations and franchise-sized best practices across middle and back office functions.

Ms. Krystal also held senior sales and relationship management roles within the Prime Brokerage groups at two other financial institutions. In this capacity, she helped bring new clients to the respective banks, grow client profitability within Prime and was a conduit into the broader banking organization.

Ms. Krystal graduated from Colgate University with a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science & English) and from Columbia University with a Master of Business Administration (Finance).

Ms. Krystal spent 2 years as the Co-Chair of Hedge Fund Cares Committee of Hope and 7 years on the Committee, she is an Angel Member of 100 Women in Finance and a Board Member of The Adam Gaynes Foundation.