Dang Nguyen

Managing Director, Central Funding Group & Alternative Assets Group, RBC Capital Markets

Dang Nguyen joined RBC Capital Markets in February 2011 to lead the hedge fund due diligence / risk team in RBC AAG. Prior to joining RBC, was a Senior Research Analyst at the institutional fund of hedge fund, EIM Management (USA) where he led the research effort for the event driven space. Before joining EIM, Dang was the Senior Event Driven/Special Situations Analyst at Savannah-Baltimore Capital Management. Prior to that Dang was a Senior Research Analyst for Event Driven/Special Situations investments at Ore Hill Partners and was a Principal at Dickstein Partners. He was also a Global Risk Arbitrage analyst at SAC Capital & Soros Fund and started his career in finance at RBC as an Equity Derivatives Analyst. Dang graduated from Harvard in 1997 with a Bachelor's degree in Economics.

In addition to working with the AAG clients to ensure that the portfolios are in compliance with risk guidelines, he provides market color and discusses funds strategies with clients given that the AAG group has exposure to over 900 funds.

RBC Alternative Assets Group has provided clients with structured and financing solutions for their hedge fund portfolios since 1997.