Ketan Patel

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Greater Pacific Capital

Ketan Patel is the CEO and the founder of Greater Pacific Capital, an investment firm focused on India and its links to international markets, and on technology, healthcare and financials and services. Greater Pacific Capital (“GPC”) has developed a distinctive platform that invests to support value creation in businesses through the application of strategy and ideas, thematic insights and capital. The firm operates from London, India and China and has focused its initial effort in the world’s highest growth emerging economy and its link to key international markets, in particular to the US, EU and China. The firm is adept at creating investment opportunities from its ideas about the changing nature of the world and the markets.

Previously a Managing Director in the Investment Banking Division at Goldman Sachs, Mr. Patel founded the Strategic Group of Goldman Sachs. Mr. Patel was based in London and New York and also worked in Asia, including India and China, providing strategic counsel to the firm’s corporate, investing and government clients across multiple industries. The activities of the group included geo-political and thematic work focused on policy, thematic work related to global capital flows and investment, industry restructuring strategies related to numerous industries including high tech, telecoms and media and specific corporate strategic counsel for high priority clients.

Formerly, Mr. Patel was a partner at KPMG, a member of the Board and a member of the European Strategy Management Team. At KPMG, Mr. Patel helped build and then led a team that focused on business transformation. These were large scale projects encompassing strategy, change management and implementation across multiple industries mobilising large multi-disciplinary teams. He started his career as an analyst at Hewlett Packard in London.

Mr.Patel studied Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is the author of ‘The Master Strategist’ (Random House, 2005). He has written and spoken extensively on the rise and fall of civilizations and in particular on the intersection of geopolitics, conflict, economics and social change. Greater Pacific Capital’s research team works under his leadership in influencing thinking on matters related to political, military, social, technological and economic policy and awareness. The recent work of the team includes the shape of the emerging new world order; cyber-attack, defence and security in the making and preserving of superpowers; the evolving US-China relationship; the most important factors that will determine collaboration or competition between India and China; the nature of the digital shock that is changing the world; the transformation of India’s slums.