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Matteo Renzi

Prime Minister of Italy (2014-2016)

Matteo Renzi was born in Florence in January 1975. In 2004 he is elected President of the Province of Florence.

In 2008 he takes on a seminal challenge and announces his intention to stand in the primary elections to run as a Democratic candidate for Mayor of Florence. Against all odds, he breaks the old political consensus with a landslide victory with over 40,52% of the votes. In June 2009 he is elected Mayor.

In 2012 he announced his candidacy as leader of the Democratic Party, standing in the primaries and losing in a dramatic head-to-head competition against the experienced leader of the Left, once again proving his groundbreaking fresh leadership style. Meanwhile, he continued to serve his term as Mayor of Florence. A year after, in 2013 he stands once again in the primaries, this time winning with 67,5% of the vote.

In 2014, Mr. Renzi was appointed Prime Minister of Italy, the youngest in history. After the negative result of the embattled constitutional referendum, in December 2016, he resigns as Prime Minister; and following the results of the Italian parliamentary election in 2018, he resigns as leader of the PD.

Matteo Renzi is currently a sitting Senator for Florence. His activity as a politician has been accompanied by his writings: “Fuori!” (2011), “Stilnovo” (2012), “Oltre la rottamazione” (2013), “Avanti! Perché l’Italia non si ferma” (2017)" and a new book out this year: “Un'altra strada”.