Vaultex intends to operate as a platform on which a full range of tokenized assets may be issued through Security Token Offering(s) (“STO(s)”) as well as a secondary trading platform for third-party issued security tokens. Vaultex will also tokenize traditional, new and alternative financial instruments and assets that contain features not found in the present market, allowing them to be listed and offered to Vaultex market participants. Such assets include equity, debt, derivatives, spot gold bullion, other forms of precious metals, futures, indexes, commodities, goods, real estate, fundraising, credit, rentals, leases and creative product. As an example of Vaultex’s innovative strategy, Vaultex intends to tokenize futures contracts for precious metals tokenized on the Vaultex Exchange and to issue and index to a basket of precious metal tokens that can be traded and hedged.

By innovating securities and alternative assets through blockchain technology, Vaultex will bridge the gap between off-chain and on-chain markets. In doing so, Vaultex will act as a bridge between traditional financial markets and assets, issuers, investors and the digital asset space.

The Vaultex Exchange will be one of the first to operate as a fully regulated centralized exchange through which security tokens may be traded by accredited investors (“Vaultex Approved Investors”), as defined under the Securities and Futures Act (the “SFA”).

Through tokenization on the platform, the Vaultex Exchange will provide companies and asset owners with greater liquidity and a deeper and more global diverse pool of investors while investors will be provided with access to previously inaccessible assets in an efficient and cost- effective manner.