AJ Scaramucci

Co-Chairman & President

AJ Scaramucci is a Founder & Managing Partner at Solari Capital & Co-Chairman & President of SALT. Solari Capital ($150M in AUM) is an early stage venture capital fund investing and building pioneering companies catalyzing an abundant future for humanity. Our thesis breaks out into four themes: programmable biology (life sciences, healthcare, food/agtech), programmable matter (aerospace/defense, material science, energy), programmable intelligence (artificial intelligence, smart enterprise) and programmable finance (blockchain, fintech). SALT attracts $15T+ of investible capital and 7,000+ attendees across our four events: New York City, Jackson Hole, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore. As part of Solari Capital's venture studio AJ is the Co-Founder of Tomorrow Farms: food technology company making world's first animal-free dairy products made via precision fermentation; Sunny Clinical: psychedelic therapeutic care delivery company bringing to market MDMA assisted psychotherapy to treat PTSD; Octagon: an AI co-pilot designed to optimize and automate the workflow of financial analyst's; Mamori Labs (Kinto Network): an Ethereum Layer 2 that offers the first permissionless network capable of supporting every modern financial institution and decentralized finance protocol.

Previously AJ was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence alongside Dr. Peter Diamandis building Celularity, an allogeneic cellular therapies company focused on cancer immunotherapy (NASDAQ: CELU); Abundance 360, private community of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and investors; and contributor to Life Force, a #1 NYT bestselling book on longevity science with Tony Robbins. AJ was also a Managing Director at ABG (successor of Tony Blair Associates) where he focused on advising and financing late stage technology companies like Grail (Acquired: ILMN) and Hims & Hers (NYSE: HIMS). Prior to that worked alongside Dr. Kai Fu Lee at Sinovation Ventures investing in AI companies like Insilico Medicine and helping market AI Superpowers, a NYT bestselling book on US-Sino AI competition in AI. Lastly, AJ held roles at Google, Tesla and holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.


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