Shu Nyatta

Founder & Managing Partner
Bicycle Capital

Shu Nyatta is a pioneering figure in investment and entrepreneurship, renowned for his transformative impact on the global technology landscape. As the co-founder and Managing Partner of Bicycle Capital, he spearheads a visionary venture focused on fueling the growth of Latin American technology enterprises. Shu's illustrious career includes pivotal roles at SoftBank Vision Fund and SoftBank Group International, where he demonstrated unparalleled foresight and leadership.

During his tenure, Shu played a pivotal role in shaping the investment landscape, launching and managing groundbreaking funds such as the SoftBank Latin America Fund and the Opportunity Fund for underrepresented founders. His strategic acumen and commitment to diversity propelled these initiatives to unprecedented success, solidifying his reputation as an industry trailblazer.

Prior to his tenure at SoftBank, Shu distinguished himself in various capacities, from spearheading special situations investing to leveraging his expertise as a founding Partner of SoftBank's Vision Fund. His multifaceted background encompasses experiences at prestigious institutions like J.P. Morgan and McKinsey & Company, underscoring his versatility and adaptability.

Shu's academic prowess, including a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Harvard College and a Master of Science in Anthropology from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, reflects his intellectual curiosity and interdisciplinary approach. A dual citizen of Kenya and the United States, Shu remains deeply committed to fostering innovation and empowerment worldwide, as evidenced by his extensive board engagements and advocacy for high-impact entrepreneurship through organizations like Endeavor Global.


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